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Relocation of New Zealand University’s First IBM 1130 Computer

First IBM 1130 Computer

Can you imagine a computer with a single disk drive that is 40cm in diameter? 

Our team was lucky enough to see one first-hand when we orchestrated and completed the transport of an IBM 1130 to the Bob Doran Museum of Computing located at Auckland university. 

The original IBM computer, though less powerful than our smartphones, was the first computer purchased by the University of Waikato and the second at the University of Auckland. Upon its arrival at the University of Waikato, no one was quite sure what to do with it

Our team was responsible for relocating it from Hamilton and delivering it safely to the Bob Doran Museum of Computing, which hosts an extensive collection of historic computing equipment linked to New Zealand. 

With valuable cargo onboard, our team was well-equipped to relocate this piece of history safely.

We were thrilled to receive positive feedback from Dr Manoharan, Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science, University of Auckland, New Zealand. 

“Thanks for the very well-organized transport of the IBM 1130 today. The computer is now housed at the Bob Doran Museum of Computing. It is less powerful than your smartphones, but this is the first piece of computing equipment for most NZ universities and the second for the University of Auckland. You are part of this history for helping with the move”.

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