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What is white glove freight? 

White Glove Freight for Computer Servers

White glove freight is the transporting of sensitive, fragile or perishable goods to their destination, intact and on time.

It’s more than just a delivery service.

White glove freight provides an end to end forwarding solution.

Either within New Zealand or Trans Tasman, we transport goods that are too valuable or sensitive for the post.

How is white glove freight different from normal freight?

White glove freight requires more care. This may be because the product has special procedures for safe handling or security. Specialised handling equipment may be needed to move the cargo.

Transporting the item may require tailored packaging and transport, more than simply a stamp and delivery van. 

Usually, these deliveries need coordination with other logistics, which means extra planning and labour. The service is end to end. So, custom made crates or packaging may be required.

White glove service includes the packing and unpacking of your goods at their destination. All freight material is removed and the product is assembled and installed ready for use.

In short, white glove freight includes:

  • On-site packing and dismantling
  • High level of coordination of pickup, transportation and delivery
  • Use of specialised handling equipment within safety and security procedures
  • On-site product assembly and installation at destination
  • Package material removal

Who uses white glove freight?

Industries or people who need to transport equipment securely use white glove freight. The special care taken with white freight delivery is essential, especially where there’s a worry the goods may be damaged or stolen.

A fragile family antique or a company’s data servers all require specialist transport to prevent damage. 

Perishables requiring cold storage, such as the Pfizer vaccine, require specialist refrigerated transportation.

Delivery needs to be within two weeks at temperatures between -25°C to -15°C before use. The vaccine can’t be administered if it isn’t delivered on time at the right temperature.

Here are some other examples of goods that may require white glove freight.

  • Server racks inside data centres
  • Recovery of IT assets and equipment from various companies
  • Infrastructure for telecommunications, POS Systems and consumer electronics 
  • Theatrical sets, including props, wardrobe, lighting and audio equipment
  • Shopfittings
  • Medical, surgical and dental devices for hospitals and clinics
  • Artworks such as sculptures, fountains, paintings and installations
  • Automotive parts 
  • Rare collectables and antiques

What is the white glove freight delivery process?

TSS white glove freight is a turnkey, or end to end service. We dismantle, pack, freight, assemble and instal your goods on time, safely and securely. 

Depending on the location and nature of the goods transported, there may be more steps involved. 

1. Initial consultation

We start with a discussion on the details of your freight. The nature of the goods, current and future location and any special precautions are outlined in this initial consultation.

2. Planning phase 

We arrange booking of labour, special moving equipment, security if needed, customs clearance and other logistics. Crates may need to be custom made. The disposal of the waste material needs to be arranged post delivery. Professionals who can instal your equipment may also need to be booked.

3. Pick up

We unplug, dismantle or take your equipment off-line. Next we pack them on site securely. This may require custom made crates or following safety procedures for handling.

4. In transit

This may require special storage procedures or security depending on the transport booked. Your goods will be tracked through the delivery.

5. Delivery

The goods will be delivered as per your instructions. This may include installation or configuration of computer servers or medical equipment. We take an inventory of the delivered goods and let you know when they’re ready. 

How TSS can help

Our process is streamlined from start to end. Often, it’s not just the value of the goods which is at stake, but your reputation, your operating hours and even your client’s private information.

We know the transport of your consignment is part of a bigger picture for you.

Whether that’s moving office, a trade show or a business expansion, TSS Sensitive freight will fit in with your plans and have your consignment with you when you need it most.

Find out how TSS can move your goods safely and securely. Contact us today.